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Headphones for the Hopper

Can anyone recommend a set of headphones that work well with Hopper? The first pair I tried has terrible latency, the second pair was much better but wouldn't stay connected. The third pair connected but had equally terrible latency. Would love to hear from someone who uses headphones regularly which brand seems to work best.
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Re: Headphones for the Hopper

DISH Employee
What were the Bluetooth headphones you have used to connect? Were they our Bluetooth headsets? If so what were the model/colors of them?

Re: Headphones for the Hopper

I bought the iHip "Side Swipe" headphones from the Dish installer that put in my Hopper 3 last Monday. They work very well and are of high quality. I also own a $300 set of Bose noise-cancelling headphones that are not bluetooth and the iHip "Side Swipe" headphones are of similar quality. It is my understanding they have been discontinued - as in you can't buy them elsewhere like Amazon. It is my understanding they were specifically made for Dish, for the Hopper. They come with a set of instructions that is specific to Dish Hopper. They also work well on an iPhone. They were 99.99 from my Dish installer who pulled them up on his phone internet and were charged to my Dish billing account. They don't have any latency. I hope this helps you.

Re: Headphones for the Hopper

Camera Crew

Do you know the return options for the dish headphones?

I read in another post that theirs stopped working after a little over 30 days.

seems like it's a crap shoot as to how long anything at dish lasts.

thanks for any info on the return policys

Re: Headphones for the Hopper

DISH Employee

Hey, WayneM! We're able to provide a full credit for the headphones if you return them within 30 days of purchase. We would need to receive the headphones back, before the credit would be given, though. Refunds will only cover the price of the original product and any associated taxes. Shipping and handling fees are non-refundable.


Also, they must be in their original condition and include the original packaging, plus any associated cables and documentation. 


If you'll send me a Private Message with your account/phone number and 4 digit security code, I'll be happy to get a prepaid shipping label sent to you for the return.


Here are the steps for sending a Private Message: