HELP me watch men's tennis that began Pacific time 5AM, Puhleeze.

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HELP me watch men's tennis that began Pacific time 5AM, Puhleeze.


HELP. I thought I had scheduled to record Tennis channel (400) for the period from 5am Pacific time (8edt) until 10am (1pm edt).  I'm recording the subsequent tennis right now, and trying to avoid learning what happened with the men's quarter final matches AND find a way to watch that tennis.  Here's my idea/hope:  If anyone reading this did record that tennis, I'm asking to be allowed Dish Anywhere access to your system just to watch that tennis.  I will probably Fast Forward through quite a bit of it, and be done in less than 3 hours.  Change your password when I signal I'm done.

    This should be legal, and I assume not ruffle Dish feathers-- you could not have recorded it without having channel 400 access; and I can probably find some way to prove I do as well (maybe let you Anywhere into my box and you can see 400 in my guide, or that the current matches are being recorded?).  Re: Dish, we're both Dish subcribers and Dish knows that so they shouldn't care. I'm not asking for access to a channel I don't pay for -- just for help watching something quasi-important. I'm not sure how many more opportunities we'll have to see Roger Federer this far into a major, expecially the French Open.    Thanks for any sympathetic takers.  (we can go out of forum to exchange info)

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Re: HELP me watch men's tennis that began Pacific time 5AM, Puhleeze.


Maybe check YouTube and see if someone uploaded it there.


Re: HELP me watch men's tennis that began Pacific time 5AM, Puhleeze.


"Jeff of the Road" -- thx for the suggestion. As it happens, there was a rain delay so at the last part of the Federer match was in the 10AM (my time) recording that followed the one I did not have.  FWIW, something like that would almost never be in YouTube, at least that quickly, so I got lucky.


But two things before I close the specific part of this thread regarding help seeing that tennis:


1.)  I learned I did NOT screw up -- the recording 'failure' was/is a DISH problem. I figured that out when it happened again today.  I'll try to explain:


For some reason the guide breaks description of the broadcast of French Open tennis that takes place (= live) for 10 hours beginning at 5AM PDT (8AM EDT) into two 'shows' of 5 hours each, with identical descriptions. To schedule recording, I first scheduled the 5AM part, and immediately edited the timer to remove the 'end late 60 minutes' the schedule of sports adds -- since the next step was scheduling recording of what follows it immediately-- continuation of the tennis. Which I did.  Apparently because the two 'shows' have the same description, the software decided what I had already scheduled was redundant.  I've noticed my recording symbol (red circle in guide listing} often has a lag in it until something requires a screen refresh -- so I still saw the red circle in both scheduled listings when I closed the guide. Woke up the next morning (yesterday), and did not have the 5AM chunk. WTF?


I learned what I've described when being very careful while setting the schedule for last night. This time, after I had scheduled the 2nd part I happened to return to the guide after closing it, and saw that the recording symbol for the first part had turned white (= skip this). Then I understood what had happened the previous day. So I selected that 'item' and "restored it", and the symbol changed to red.

        Guess what?  I wake up today, start to watch the recorded tennis, and notice just after 10AM my time the recording red light on the DVR was NOT on. Huh? Why is it not recording what I scheduled for 10AM? I looked in the guide, and the recording symbol was gone, obviously because I had restored the timer for the first part. Dish software said "fugedaboudit", apparently. Pick one, not both.

     Presumably this is not something that should happen frequently, but still . . .  please fix, Dish.


2.  I think my attempt to use Dish Anywhere and the Dish community to view something I was legally allowed to, but somehow (regardless of how) missed is worth some discussion, and possibly even some official Dish participation if there seems to be sufficient interest within the community. Dish could facilitate it by being part of the process, with a utility somewhere in the support section that would allow requests like mine. Then Dish would know whether the parties on both ends are in fact Dish customers and whether their subscriptions permit the viewing. And Dish would benefit by the additional feature of "In case you missed it . . ."  


So I saw my tennis (yay, Roger), and my request for that viewing assistance is closed. I'll leave the thread unclosed in case the other bits spark some conversation.   Thanks to all.