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HD picture on TV2


I'm trying to figure out how to get the HD signal to my TV2. I have the VIP722k DVR receiver.

When I got Dish service many years ago, I had a HD tv in my living room (TV1) and a standard def tv in my bedroom (TV2). 

I just now replaced my bedroom tv with a new HD one. As far as the Dish connection, I simply unscrewed the coax cable going into my old tv and screwed it into the new one. I'm now going through the setup menu on the receiver (going through TV1) trying to figure out how to send the HD signal to the TV2. I don't see the option to change the HD TV set-up when I'm on TV2..

Are there some other settings in the receiver I need to find and switch? 

Thanks for any help.

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Re: HD picture on TV2

Screen Writer
The 722 only offers HD on TV 1. You want either a Hopper setup, or if you don’t watch and record much, you could get a Hopper Duo which is the direct answer to the 722. With a Joey, it gives HD at both TVs. I still would strongly recommend the H3 and a Joey though, and learn how awesome TV can be.

Re: HD picture on TV2

Thank you for asking this!! I’m having the same issue!