H3 U343 now installed fixes ?? problems ??

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Re: H3 U343 now installed fixes ?? problems ??

Visual Engineer
U343 seemed to have fixed my Bluetooth for a couple of days but had to find and pair again tonight.

Re: H3 U343 now installed fixes ?? problems ??

Visual Engineer
This morning the H3 has already forgotten my Bluetooth device that I had to have it find last night. Having to go through the find and pair process all over again.

Re: H3 U343 now installed fixes ?? problems ??

Character Actor
JSracer wrote:
nick7920 wrote:
U343 does not fix, manually recordings, if you have multiple recordings in a folder it will not play. but if you copy whole folder to external drive, it will play from there.

Without drilling into the folder, you can hit play, it starts playing the manual recording. The one selected.
Seems strange. I had 2 recordings in the folder, entered it, and it only showed 1. There are 2. I played one not going into the folder then deleted it.
Not sure if it plays the last, or what order it is. I record tmz now on a manual timer, because the guide info changed, so it doesn't matter what show plays. If it were a series, not sure how this would work.

it was working prior to U341 which came in Jan-2016, yes you cant drill into folder, yes without drilling into folder it will play most recent recorded, so that is broken.

also if you try to access from dishanywhere (mobile app) it show all the recording and play as it suppose to.

like I mentioned it worked prior to U341 so not sure why it is taking so long to fix it.