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Guide Freezes

We recently moved and had to upgrade to the new Hopper to support 3 Joeys. Everything was going fine until about 3 weeks ago when in the living room, my husband select guide and it stops at channel 99 and will not scroll down. You can enter a channel number and it will change the channel. Just cannot access the guide.

We turned the TV off and back on, didn't help. Reset the Hopper, didn't help. I had the idea to change from the favorite channel to none on the guide settings and that allowed him to see all the channels, so then we put it back on favorites. This is a pain in the hind end as it now does it on the Joey's in the bedroom (started 1 week ago on the other TVs connected to the Joey's). It is frustrating and makes having a Favorite Channel Guide Selection pointless!! We had to spend a small fortune in this move and while they said there wasn't a charge for moving, it has cost a small fortune, even after agreeing to a 2 year contract to keep the bill down!!

Is there any fix for this? Very disappointed and had I known all this, I would NEVER have agreed to a 2 year contract!!!
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Re: Guide Freezes

DISH Employee
When you reset the Hopper, did you unplug it from the outlet for 10 seconds, or did you press the reset button on the front panel of the Hopper?