Frozen Hopper & Joey

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Frozen Hopper & Joey

For months now both my hopper and joeys freeze repeatedly during live or DVR playback. It’s getting increasingly worse... to the point where I can’t watch ANYTHING anymore. I consider myself tech savvy- I’ve followed all steps by resetting the hopper and joeys- repeatedly. Does absolutely nothing besides waste more time trying to fix these pieces of junk.

I’ve checked all connections, even replaced the coax cables & HDMI cords with brand new ones- without success. Paying for service is becoming worthless.

Reviewing communities and support issues and this seems to be a theme with the equipment. Is DISH going to do anything about this?
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Re: Frozen Hopper & Joey

DISH Employee

Hello, Drspurgin. We are sad to hear that you are having issues with the signal freezing on Live TV and recordings. We will be happy to take a look at the equipment together to see what could be causing this and the best resolution so that you can go back to enjoying your programming. If you would like, please feel free to send us a Private Message so we can access that information for you.