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Favorites not working


When Dish updated the software in my DVR I was unable to modify my Favorites channels.  I could live with that because I already had most of the ones I wanted on there.  We moved and got a new receiver in August, and have been unable to use the Favorites list.  It allows you to set them up, but when you try to use, it will only display a few of the included channels.  I contacted support about this multiple times, to no avail.  They tried a workaround that apparently works for some receivers, but it didn't work on ours.  I called again yesterday and was told "engineering is still working on this", and the support person even told me his reciever had the same issue.  I cannot believe that they have not been able to work out this known problem given how long it has been going on.  It is very frustrating, not to mention time consuming, to scroll through hundreds of channels went you want to browse for shows. If this does not get fixed soon I may have to go back to DirectTV...

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Re: Favorites not working

DISH Employee

RLarricq,  While the Engineer Team is working on this for all affected customers. We do advice to delete all favorites list you might have. Place the guide back to 'All Subscribed'>Reset the receiver> Create one favorites list and those channels should appear there after.