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Error Code 9999


I am a new customer to dish TV, I've had the service for 5 months, out of that time I've only had TV reception for one month. In the install the tech bloched my install, after only 3 weeks my service went into an update, then it just stopped and wouldn't get past the update screen, I've reset it both by reset and still no luck, did a hard reset and still the hoppers won't advance..needless to say I've called tech support on about 4 occasions, and I'm still waiting on my appoint for a tech to come out, it's been 4 long months and no TV, I can't believe it takes this long of a wait to get a tech out! Not at all happy with dish! This is beyond except able, I would NOT recommend dish service to anyone wishing to switch!!

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Re: Error Code 9999


I just did a quick Google search on how to do a partial reset and also a master reset, which supposedly restores everything back to the factory defaults.  If you haven't done both of those yet I can post the links on how to do it.


Re: Error Code 9999

DISH Employee

Good evening, Tommyjo5569. We definitely want to make sure that your issues are addressed. So we make sure that you are being taken care of, send us a private message with your phone number and 4-digit security code associated with your account. 


The steps to send a private message are: 


1. Select the envelope in the top right corner of the page (it will be next to your avatar).

2. Once on the 'Private Messages' page, select 'New Message'.

3. In the 'Send To' field, type in the name of the user you would like to send a private message to.  Once you start typing a name, suggestions will auto populate.

4.  Once you compose your message, select 'Send Message' at the bottom of the page.