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Error 31-11-45

Hi All,

I've had a VIP722 setup for quite some time and never had issues with it, other than the occasional southwest plane flying overhead. Recently, ~3 weeks ago, I started getting a consistent signal loss message that would sometimes be replaced with a message about programming not authorized (it's a normal channel) or it is blocky/blacked out. We were out of town for a few weeks so I didn't have time to deal with it until now and I haven't had much luck diagnosing. I would appreciate any help the experts may provide, here is what I have tried so far:

Rebooted box and unplugged it
Gone to the setup and evaluated the signal quality in point dish me tried to improve it by physical adjustments to the dish
Called dish support and they told me that the error code was, without a doubt, a cabling issue and they could send someone out for $95 to check the lines. So, I took it upon myself to replace tencblong at various points along the way ensuring that I also replaced the junction boxes...
I initially replaced the cable running from the dish to the receiver with an extra cable (this did not include replacing the cable that connects directly to the active LNB)
Later, I replaced the LNB cable

None of these things improved the signal quality so I would love to hear any suggestions the experts can provide.


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Re: Error 31-11-45

Casting Director
Did you use RG6 cabling? Also, there is no line from the antenna to the Hopper. It is a line from the antenna into a node/hub and then the client port heading out to the Hopper. 2 completely separate cables.