Error 021 - Smartcard Not Inserted

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Error 021 - Smartcard Not Inserted

Starting a new topic because a search for 021 came up empty.

Beginning last night I received the following error:

"Smartcard Not Inserted 021
Please insert your smart card."

I have a Hopper with Sling, a SuperJoey and two Joey 2.0 receivers. All are displaying the error.

I have re-seated the card many times, reset the Hopper many times, and powered off/unplugged all receivers many times (both in sequence and all at once).

I can sometimes get a couple minutes of live television out of the main Hopper before it errors out, but never from any of the Joeys. Most of the time all receivers come up at the Dish Diagnostics screen where everything seems OK. Cancelling out of the diag screen results in the 021 error screen.

Anyone experience this?
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Re: Error 021 - Smartcard Not Inserted

Casting Director
Sounds like your Hopper needs replaced.

Re: Error 021 - Smartcard Not Inserted


I just got off the phone with tech support regarding this exact problem.  They ran diagnostics and did a software upgrade.  Seems to be working fine now, but the representative did say that if it happens again, the Hopper will probably need to be replaced.