Episode numbers are wrong

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Episode numbers are wrong


Three recent series - Trust, Succession, and Sharp Things - are shown in the guide with the wrong episode number.  We have been with Dish for nine years and we haven’t seen this before. Two of these shows are HBO and one is FX. 

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Re: Episode numbers are wrong

DISH Employee

dmwinsd, Thank you for bring this to our attention. If we haven't done so already, we do want to check the TV Activity Screen by pressing;

(50.0,52.0,54.0 remote) Options>TV Activity>See if there is an available tuner

(40.0 remote) Red Tab button> TV Activity> See if there is an available tuner 


If there is, we want to update the guide by making sure that tuner stays open so the receiver can begin the process. You can also clear a tuner and Hard Reset the receiver by unplugging it for 10-15 seconds and plugging it back into the wall and allow the guide to update that way.