EPG Info data problems

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EPG Info data problems

Audio Engineer
here are some examples. this could be bad !!
look at supercross tonight, 151, look at program info, summary, new or not, things like that. there is nothing other than summary. doesn't say new, or original air date, no information.
try setting a recording, to record series, doesn't work, recording not set. can only record this 1 event. then go to next saturday the 18th channel 150, like 9pm. same supercross title. same problems.
not good !!
had a seek timer for motorcycle racing or something, worked great for the first few supercross races, broken now

Impractical jokers season 6 is in spanish for description. The one airing after is English, 2 different timers the 230 set to skip, 2pm was not to record or skip. Wtf, sigh....
Example sunday channel 242 at 2pm cst. Missed the season premier because the information is incorrect,
Next new one is Thursday, 9pm, no information in episodes for Spanish one, tons of episodes in the other one.

Tmz seems to be renamed on the hopper 3,
The timer for 630 only sees the weekend show, a new timer sees the 1hr show earlier in the afternoon. 30 minutes is enough tmz for us, lol
then there is the manual timer show folder problem, icon shows 2, go into the folder, it lists 1, back out and play folder, delete after watching, shows the other after then.
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Re: EPG Info data problems

DISH Employee
There have been some reports into this and I do want to check into this further for you! If you're at home now with the Hopper 3 (H3) powered on, please PM me so I can do some testing here in our offices to get this resolved for you.