EHD disappears every morning

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EHD disappears every morning

Character Actor
Hopper 3, two 4K Joeys. Hopper has latest update as do the Joeys.

I've had this problem for over a year now. Did not have it two years ago when I first got my H3. Problem is this: Every morning (almost - probably 9 out of 10 mornings) my EHD disappears from my DVR list. It takes several reboots (doesn't seem to matter if it's a menu Hopper reset or a red button hard reset) to get it to show up.

It does not seem to be EHD brand or type related. It happens if I use a MyBook desktop EHD with it's own power source, a Seagate EHD through a powered USB port, or any of several I've tried. Exact same behavior. I've actively disabled sleep mode on the drives like the MyBook that have them, and also used drives that have no sleep mode.

This is very frustrating, Once I've got the EHD recognized and visible in the DVR list, it stays there all day and night. But next morning when we get up (around 6 am) it's gone.

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Re: EHD disappears every morning

DISH Employee

Did all the hard drives you tried follow the compatibility guidelines?

Have its own power supply (some can have their own built-in power supply)
Use a USB 2.0-compatible cable
Meet capacity requirements for your receiver
Connected to Hopper: minimum 320 GB, maximum 2 TB
Have a single disk drive (flash memory is not compatible)