EHD disappears and then Netflix stops working

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EHD disappears and then Netflix stops working


I have the new software update (U521) but I still have to do a reset every morning to get Netflix to work and get my EHD to show up on the recordings page. The netflix problem is the same one others are having where I have the Netflix splash screen but the volume is from the channel I was watching. I read where this update was supposed to fix this problem but it did not fix it for me. Can anyone at Dish suggest anything other than a reset every single day? This has gotten old real fast.

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Re: EHD disappears and then Netflix stops working

DISH Employee

Youngerberry, I can definitely understand that technical issues can be frustrating. I'm showing that this issue with the external hard drive has been submitted to our Engineering and Tech Ops team. The only work around that we have at this time is resetting the receiver. They will work on recreating this issue and then a resolution. Once a resolution has been found, they will release the fix in a nightly update that your receiver gets each night. Thank you for reporting your issue and your patience as we work to resolve it.