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Don't do it!

I continue to have issues with my service that no one can fix! I can't get our of my sis contract to get a service that works properly or even get compensation for the problem and/or my service not working properly!

my Hopper continues to get disconnected from the internet time and time again. it resets over and over again or just shuts down.

I can in you tell me it's fixed then within a few minutes it stops working again! My service which I pay for monthly doesn't function the way you say it should but I still have to pay fill price for my crappy service! Or $240 to get out of it. How is that right, the last call the guy actually told me that he can help that Netflix doesn't work when I argued that point he said it was my internet funny because everything else in my house works just fine.

Let's see every few days my service stops working but Dish claims great customer service and great programming and extra services included for the price I pay but let's see...NONE OF THAT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING FOR ME! MY SERVICE SUCKS! But no one cares. I've had so many techs out I've had the hopper replaced several times, I've called in on average monthly since I've had your service UNREAL!
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Re: Don't do it!

Casting Director
The features that require internet are complimentary features. There would be no compensation warranted.