Does Dish care about Customer Service?

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Does Dish care about Customer Service?


We have been Dish customers for almost 20 years and we decided to upgrade to the Hopper. I set up an appointment for the installation after 3 conversations with your customer service team because out upgrade was complicated and I kept getting different technology and different cost information. We have a primary residence and a vacation home -- both on Dish. I wanted to upgrade both the vacation home and the primary residence.


Joe Salazar Iii (Tech ID: 835440) came to my home for the installation. Upon arrival, I asked to review the work order. He was very responsive, asked several good questions about the primary and vacation home and asked to see my existing equipment and look at the dish to make sure that it would all work. Joe said that the order was not correct as written because it had the upgrade taking place at the primary residence and then me installing the Hopper at the vacation home. He said this would not work because the dish at the primary home and vacation home would have to be updated and that update could not be done by the customer.


He was on a chat line with his co-workers and explained the issue to them to find out if they had any suggestions. Then, he called Dish customer service and explained that if the customer was going to agree to a new 2-year contract extension with Dish, she wanted to know what the fees would be for the installation at the vacation home (in Fraser, Colorado 75 miles from Denver). He explained that Dish probably doesn’t have techs available in that location. He said he would be willing to do the upgrade himself at the vacation home and asked what that would cost the customer. They said that they would charge $50 for the service call but that they could not assign it to him until the first work order was completd. Instead, they suggested that he complete the existing order (if the customer agreed) and then, they could generate a new work order for the upgrade at the vacation home and he could assign it to himself. This was a fine solution for me. I would get my new hopper at my primary residence and also get my vacation home upgraded and I was willing to stick to the 2-year contract extension.


Joe was about to begin when his boss, Jeffrey Ruddick, showed up at my home. He said he was there to “observe.” However, after meeting with Joe one-on-one, he overruled the plan Joe and I agreed on. He said that my only option was to upgrade my primary residence and then ask for an installation on my vacation home. I told him I was not going to do that without knowing the fee for the upgrade at my vacation home because Dish was forcing me to commit to a 2-year contract for the upgrade. (He said the “he” was not forcing me to sign a 2-year contract, which made no sense since he was representing Dish. He acted like he didn’t care that I was a long-time customer trying to upgrade to new technology. He was not interested in my issues or concerns and was not concerned if there was a path for me to upgrade.)


He called Dish customer service and we went through all of the choices that Joe and I went through earlier. (At this time, we are entering the second hour of this appointment.) Ruddick immediately eliminated the idea of assigning the second work order to Joe because he said that was not Joe’s “role” and that was not following the proper “channels” even though that approach was suggested by customer service on an earlier call. After the conversation, the Dish customer service rep could not tell me what it would cost for the upgrade at my vacation home, so I cancelled the upgrade and asked for three new remotes.

If this is a sample of how Dish provides customer service to existing customers, then I suggest you change your marketing to ONLY go after new customers. You tech support is your frontline to upgrade existing customers. Clearly this manager does not see his job that way.


My only other disappointment is that I wanted to give Joe a great review – 5 out of 5 or 10 out of 10 for trying to give me good customer service. However, it took me a few days to fill out the survey and it had already expired.


I am sorry that I am airing some dirty laundry on your public forum. I spent at least 30 minutes trying to find a more appropriate email to send this feedback, but couldn’t find any on your website.  I spent over 30 minutes on your chat trying to find a more appropriate place to send this information. That rep was very helpful and he put me in a queue to talk to a supervisor to find a place to provide feedback. After waiting over 15 minutes for the supervisor, he came back and told me the public forum was the only place to provide feedback, so here I am wasting another couple of hour giving feedback about a problem that was not solved for me and will likely force me leave Dish at some point in the future.

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Re: Does Dish care about Customer Service?

DISH Employee

We are constantly working to be tuned into you to provide you with the best customer experience. I am sad to hear that this may not have been the case for you, Lisabue. We will be happy to forward the feedback on Joe as we are delighted to hear that he did his best in this situation. We would like to further review this situation and provide feedback on the situation and appointment. To do so, feel free to send us a Private Message.

Re: Does Dish care about Customer Service?


For whatever reason it does not sound as if Dish is really interested in keeping you for a customer, or perhaps they feel they have you and you will never leave them no matter how they treat you.

Perhaps you should talk with Direct TV get an estimate, then talk to Dish retensions tell them what is going on, what Direct TV offered and ask if there is any solid pricing estimate you can get from Dish before you make up your mind whether to stay with Dish or go.