Dish commercial triggers Alexa

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Dish commercial triggers Alexa

Character Actor
The current Dish commercial that advertises a free Echo Dot is in heavy rotation right now. Every time it plays, Alexa lights up and proceeds to answer a question - she's told me a joke, given me the weather forecast and a bunch of other things. I have to bark at her to shut up. Last night, I forgot to lower the volume after listening to music and in the middle of the night, she started shouting at me. I nearly jumped out of my skin. ;)

Amazon and Google commercials stop the Echo and Google Home from responding (they play an interference tone or something). Perhaps you could do the same.
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Re: Dish commercial triggers Alexa

Costume Designer
That's funny. I have several in different rooms. Once in a blue moon, the echo dot in my basement where I mostly watch tv, says something! I believe the tv sound confuses Alexa. But, it recognizes my accented English if I holler at her with a question when the tv is on, and she answers me.

I need to find a web site that shows voice commands that Alexa understands. If I ask her where my Amazon shipment is, she can't answer. I have to say "read my notification" when the light on the gadget is yellow!!