Dish anywhere "Receiver not connected"

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Dish anywhere "Receiver not connected"


Got dish installed 11am EST today.


Installer connected the Hopper 3 to my wifi.  Netflix works.


When I attempt to connect to Dish anywhere on android phone Samsung gallaxy S8+ It has everything locked out.

When I attempt to use laptop on Dish anywhere website, I cannot access the guide.  When I click on DVR.   It says "Receiver not connected".


I have checked to make sure my internet is connected.

I have unplugged Hopper 3 for 10 minutes.

I have unplugged my wifi for 10 minutes as well.


After all that with no success I connected an ethernet cable and did the above steps with same results....


Every device I have tried, has been on the same wifi network as the Hopper 3.

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Re: Dish anywhere "Receiver not connected"

Casting Director
It can take at least one or two overnight updates to get the software & guide info current so give it a few days before getting upset.
There have recently been major changes to the way Dish Anywhere works (last week) that's causing glitches & I expect it will take a few rewrites before everything gets working correctly.
DA wouldn't accept my login 2 days ago, but today it's working fine, so be patient. Others have reported the not connected message too, it's not just you.