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Camera Crew
I was wondering.

I have the VIP722K

Right now I have the Dish-Anywhere app on my phone, and I like how I can look through the program guide on the phone and select what I want to watch and it changes the channel on the TV to what I selected.

But when I have the on my windows 10 computer, I'm not able to select a program from the guide, and have it turn to that channel on the TV.

Is that something the Hopper 3 is able to do?

Hope that makes sense.

I remember years back Dish use to have a guide that would do that be able to change channel from a computer using the online guide.
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Re: Dish-Anywhere?

DISH Employee
The DISH Anywhere App works as an extension to your TV. With using the App you will have the ability to have the choice to watch on "This Device or TV" as well as change the channels to what you want using the virtual remote on the App as well. When using the website for DISH Anywhere, it will only provide the option to watch and use the different functions on the device.