Dish Anywhere will not connect on ANY device

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Dish Anywhere will not connect on ANY device

Character Actor

I use Dish Anywhere regularly either travelling or during my daily excercise workout. I switched to Dish specifically because DirecTV's remote service constantly failed and could not be reset unless I was at home with the receiver. Now I am having similar problems with Dish! Suddenly I cannot connect for days on any of my devices - iPhone, iPad, or Macbook. I phone or chat with tech support and they put in a repair notice, but here I am needing it again and it will not connect still regardless of any of the usual remedies (i.e. reset the receiver, etc.). I hear DirecTV has remedied their remote issues. Maybe it's time to switch back. Why pay for a service because of a need for a specific feature without being able to access that feature reliably? This is nuts! Anybody else having this issue? Have you found a remedy?

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Re: Dish Anywhere will not connect on ANY device

DISH Employee

Hi, Rod1. I hate to hear that you are having this trouble. Can you give us more specific deals on what is happening with the connection? Are you seeing an error message?