Dish 54.0 Remote Pause Error

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Re: Dish 54.0 Remote Pause Error

DISH Employee

Hello sportsvine. I know having a technical issue is the worst, especially when it's impacting your ability to watch your TV. I would be happy to report this issue to our Engineering Team with your account, so they know you've been impacted with this issue too. 


We want our members to enjoy the products we put out, and the functions that come with, such as the voice feature. Channels can be searched by to ways using this feature. When saying, "Tune to Altitude Sports" it should automatically tune to that channel. If that's not working, alternatively you can search by channel number by saying, "Tune to channel 412-2". Of course, we want to you enjoy the feature, and if you're not feeling it, I would love to see how I can help in getting you a new one. 


Can you send me a Private message please? If you're not sure how to do that, we have a great guide right here:

Re: Dish 54.0 Remote Pause Error

Camera Crew
It has now been more than a year since I reported this bug. Has anything been done to try to fix it?

Re: Dish 54.0 Remote Pause Error


I am having the same problem, with some differences. I just got DISH for the first time  on 4/18/2019. I have 1 Hopper and 1 Joey. 

All was fine until 2 days ago.

Whenever I try to pause it does not pause/jumps forward.

Jumping forward works but holding the button down does nothing.

Jumping back actually goes forward, holding it down goes forward, nothing will cause it to go back, I have to start over then go all the way forward again. This is a big pain!


I tried the batteries, I tried resetting the joey, resetting the remote several times. Resetting the Joey worked for a minute, maybe.

I cannot believe this has been going on for so long! 

DISH we need a fix!


Re: Dish 54.0 Remote Pause Error

DISH Employee

Hello Lizda. I understand having an issue with your remote is definitely no fun at all. It does sound like your issue does differ than the initial issue that has been brought to our attention. We do want to make sure that we have as many details as possible so we can have it investigated. What version of remotes are you using? These will be located on the back of the remote. It will look like, 54.0 IR/UHF.  Is only happening on the on the Joey?