Disappointed in remote 54.0

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Disappointed in remote 54.0

Character Actor

I saw Dish's ad for the 54.0 and thought, "Yes, here is the solution to the problem of endless remote punching to get anything done." By way of example, while watching live TV using the 52.0 remote, to choose a particular instance of selecting a show on the DVR, it is necessary to take these (button pressing) steps:


1-press DVR

2-press right arrow

3-press right arrow again (these to get past the "PrimeTimeAnytime" and "Dish Rentals" folders [neither of which have I ever used. It would be much more user friendly if we could re-order these folders])

4*-press Select my folder (the one holding the programs I record)

5*-press right and/or down arrows to find the name of the recorded program I want

6-press Select (bringing up all instances that have been recorded)

7*-press down arror as necessary to find the desired instance

8-press Select

9-press down arrow (necessary because the default choice is [STUPIDLY] "live TV" (which is where all of this started, so might I choose this? Not to mention that there is a "Live TV" button right on the remote, needing only one press.)

10-press down arrow again to pass the next choice i.e., "stop" (which I have never used and can't think why I might want to use this option.)

11-press Select ("watch")


By my count that is a minimum of 11 button presses (*could be many more depending on the number of recorded programs and instances of each). This is maddeningly USER UNFRIENDLY!


So I imagined that I could use the voice control to eliminate many, if not most, of these steps.


In actuality, the voice command only substitutes a press of the "voice" button (and voice command) for the press of the DVR button. For my money, just pressing the DVR button is easier and faster.


So it looks like I have just bought an "improved" remote that does nothing better for me than my 52.0 remote.


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Re: Disappointed in remote 54.0

DISH Employee

Hi, Odysseus! I know why pressing multiple buttons to get to the folder you want would be frustrating. You can also use the Voice feature to search for the show/movie you are looking for. When the receiver searches what you said, it will automatically include a search through your DVR. 

When you use the Search feature, it will give you the list of shows/movies with a similar title, once you select which one you want to use it will take you to the list of options to watch. One of the other nice shortcuts to use when you use the Search Feature is each option on the list will have a number beside it. For example, if I search Ga for Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones is listed second and has a 2 beside it. I can just press 2 and it will take me to the options I have to watch any Game of Thrones available.

You'd still need to scroll through the list of available episodes if there are more than one to find which one you want to watch, but that would help eliminate some of the buttons you have to press. 

Re: Disappointed in remote 54.0

Character Actor

Hello Pamela,


Thanks for your suggestions. Using the search function can jump some of those steps, but it brings up a new problem when I get to the recorded program. I usually set the timer to keep 2-5 daily editions of the programs that I want recorded, but unfortunately my Hopper just ignores my wishes and gaily retains all copies since I got my new Hopper (have had as many as 100+ before I started deleting them (one at a time! Arrrrrgh! What a chore!) BTW, customer support has not been able to help limit the Hopper to only record the desired number. Another arrrrrgh! )


Anyway the search function takes me to the oldest recorded instance rather than the latest. Worse than going the multi-step listed above!


Also when I do work my way up to the latest recording, it is not at the top of the list! Above it are dates of programs to be recorded. Not sure what this is for at all!

Re: Disappointed in remote 54.0

DISH Employee

We understand how that can become a bit inconvenient. We will be sure to forward this feedback to our Tech Ops team for further review. We here at DISH value your concerns and appreciate your feedback. It's information like this that helps us improve the overall DISH experience. Thank you for being a part of our valued DISH family.

Re: Disappointed in remote 54.0

Character Actor

I have found a better way. Simplypressing the home button once takes me to a new screen the second line of which is "My Recent Recordings". From that point it is right arrow over to the program that I want to watch. Much faster doing it this way then the way I described above in my O.P.

However I would note that again the Dish programmers have felt it necessary to insert Prime video recordings as the default (i.e., first) option on that line. I do not understand why it is there as I do not have any Prime video recordings. If this line is properly captioned as "my recent recordings", then it shouldn't even be there unless I have recently recorded something into that folder.

In addition, there is another way to reach Prime video recordings that is just as easy and that is to follow the first couple of steps in my O.P.