Disable voice remote/google assistant?

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Re: Disable voice remote/google assistant?

Audio Engineer


Re: Disable voice remote/google assistant?

You took function away from me.  I'm NEVER going to enable the voice when it sends my every search of what I want to watch off to google or whereever.  To be blunt, I'm pissed that you removed function from something that I was already paying for.  Google privacy my ****, change it to let me decline the terms and give me back my old voice search.

Re: Disable voice remote/google assistant?

Character Actor

Is anyone at Dish listening, do you even care Dish?  You have screwed up one of the best features of Dish and simply ignor every comment, bury your head in the sand and hope we all go away.  This is a perfect example of corporate arrogance that will ultimately destroy your brand! Remember New Coke, they are still living with that fiasco 30 years later.  Don't be new Coke, be strong, dump Google, give us back working voice controls and we lemmings will forget all about your misdeeds!  

Re: Disable voice remote/google assistant?


I reverted back to text search.  Sending my voice remote to the recyclers.

Re: Disable voice remote/google assistant?

Character Actor

So, I filed a BBB comlaint against Dish for this issue with the voice remote and the constant issue of taking channels away everytime they go into negotiation.  I received a call from Dish today regarding this and he basically told me I'm screwed!  Offered me NOTHING.  Dish doesn't care about us as subscribers any more like they did years ago when Charlie started the company.


I encourage all of you to file a BBB claim.  It's easy to do.  All of the unresolved claims will affect their BBB rating and influence future subscribers.  It's time for us to quit taking the BS and do something about it.