Disable voice remote/google assistant?

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Re: Disable voice remote/google assistant?

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@Jason_C wrote:

Sorry to hear this happened, the installer should not have activated this feature without your permissions as it requires agreeing to Googles terms of service, something they should not do on your behalf.


To disable this feature press and hold the mic button, then say "Stop sending data".  This should disable all voice features.  If you do press the mic button again afterwards there should be an option listed to disable voice that you can choose.

Does this mean that you no longer have any voice control? If the choice is Google Assistant or typing everything into text search, it’s a choice that sucks.


Re: Disable voice remote/google assistant?

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i agree! i do NOT want google assistant!!! we customers should have had the option to keep the original voice control! very upset customer!!

Re: Disable voice remote/google assistant?

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We should all start asking for a discount because they took away a feature we all liked. 

Re: Disable voice remote/google assistant?

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This is such bull**bleep**! It won’t even let me connect my remote to the new google whatever! I push the microphone button and try to activate it and it just goes back the regular tv screen tried to do it through the settings option and it just says to do it through the microphone option! I don’t want google assist at at all t was fine the way it was! The only reason we are stuck having dish is because when we moved Comcast wasn’t in or range anymore for providers and I absolutely hate dish compared to them! Always something going wrong or not working you always say you have on demand stuff ya “on demand” means either not all the shows are on there or recent ones of you have to download the channels app on Roku and then login in with dish. God I absolutely hate that you are the only option we have to use in our area! Now make our remotes to go back to normal!!!! You will probably make us all upgrade our remotes eventually or start charging more for voice control like you don’t charge enough as it is already.

Re: Disable voice remote/google assistant?

Camera Crew

It is very disappointing that Dish made a decision for me!  Yes, I understand all the technology advances, but I get to choose, just like I still use Window 7 and Outlook Express.  I have been in the computer age and made a living from it for over 20 years starting back when the IBM AT was sold.


That aside, everyone knows one big reason for Google Assistance now being part of my Dish remote is all the MONEY that Google will throw at Dish for all their users information that is spoken over the remote.  


Oops can't say weird, slang, etc. things you would not say in public.  Someone is hearing and converting your voice to text so now Google has a database of all the information you have spoken into your Remote.  Even more if you also include your phone and other devices.


I think we all should see our Dish Service fees decrease now that Google is paying to hear what we have to say.  


I say take the **bleep** thing off of the REMOTE and give me the OPTION to choose which method I would like, OLD Way

or Dish FORCE down my Throat!!


Thanks DISH!


Contact me the next time you make MAJOR changes!





Re: Disable voice remote/google assistant?

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I think this is just wrong.  We are paying customers and you throw Google asst. at us...not even giving us a choice.  Now we have one less feature to use.  I believe y’all are going to be having a lot of unhappy customers.

Re: Disable voice remote/google assistant?

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So reading through this thread, it seems that now the only way to use the voice remote is to have a Google account and use Google Assistant or lose the ability to use the voice feature. There are no plans to allow customers to go back to the old voice feature. That does not work for me. I still have a few months left on my new customer commitment, but after that I will be pulling my TiVos out of storage, making a call to Comcast, and sending the Hopper along with its deaf & dumb remote back to Dish.

Re: Disable voice remote/google assistant?

Audio Engineer

Disabling the google assistant does not restore the functionality of the original voice search.


Stop Sharing Data or Stop Sharing Information just resets the Google Assistant.  When you try to use the Voice Search after the Google Assistant has been deactivated, you cannot do a voice search until Google Assistant is reactivated (even if you choose not to connect it to your personal google account).

Re: Disable voice remote/google assistant?


What will Google Assistant do to make using my hopper 3 remote more user friendly?  I could care less about asking it about the weather, etc.  Maybe this is why the Dish tech kept trying to talk me out of it.

@ChristinaW wrote:

We partnered with Google because they take privacy concerns as seriously as we do here at DISH. Their platform allowed us the best technology, quickly and safely. We ceratinly appreicate youre feedback, Suz, and we will go ahead and forward this to our engineering team. 


Re: Disable voice remote/google assistant?

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I want to join the others. We really really hate not being able to use the voice search to search for TV shows and movies. That was the reason we bought and used the voice remote. Who really wants a Wikipedia answer to a search about watching or recording a show? Could you have tried using a Focus group to test this before you rolled it out?