Daily Reset Timer

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Daily Reset Timer

I'm having recurring issues... How come my hopper resets itself at 10:45 pm EVERY NIGHT when it is set to reset at 7am?????? It just forked me again by shutting down right in the middle of my show that I had paused while I was out of the room. It's been doing this ever since the new hopper software came out last year. What is the problem???
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Re: Daily Reset Timer

DISH Employee

DseL, I hate to hear that you are experiencing this issue. I would like to let our Engineering Team that our customers are still experiencing this issue. Please send me a Private Message with the phone number and 4 digit PIN on your account so that I can tag your account and report this to our Team. You can use this link for information on how to send a Private Message: https://communities.dish.com/t5/Communities-101/How-To-Send-a-Private-Message/td-p/15039