DVR recordings missing - DISH offered ZERO explanation

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DVR recordings missing - DISH offered ZERO explanation


Last night I had a message about the broadband connection being lost and th usual instructions to unplug the Hopper and plug it back in.  I had done this before with no issues, but upon the startup of the TV, my wife and I notice that our DVR recordings were completely gone.  The timers and upcoming scheduled recordings were intact but no sign whatsoever of the prior recordings.


I contacted an online Dish agent last night and the advice given got me nowhere.  Just the usual "we've notified Technical Support" mumbojumbo.


Today, I called Dish for live support.  Even after a thorough explanation of the situation and what I had done already, her questions were ridiculous. 


"Did someone else delete everything?"  - I should have hung up right there because I mean c'mon


I watched live what the customer service rep was doing after granting access to my TV.  She had basically done everything I already did.


I got put on hold and then basically got zero explanation whatsoever why there is a problem.  I believe she had even said something along the lines of Dish not having any similar incidents to this one.  Really?


This is unacceptable on so many levels and Dish will certainly not be referred to friends in the future.


Did anyone have any small miracles of recovering their DVR recordings in a similar situation?  Dish seems hellbent on blaming everyone but their crap equipment. 


(Please by all means keep shoving the Dish Google remotes down our throats.   I agreed to have them sent to my house just to shut them up.)






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Re: DVR recordings missing - DISH offered ZERO explanation

Screen Writer
If it is a single event, it is possible there is nothing they can do for you. Reporting to the engineers likely was the right answer. As far as recovery, if another reset didn’t bring them back, my guess is the harddrive went into “protect mode” and likely removed anything it deemed harmful on it, just like a computer would do to save the machine.