DVR playback pauses

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DVR playback pauses


This just started happening a couple days ago.


While watching multiple episodes of a show through the Joey, the first episode plays as expected. The second episode pauses with about 8 minutes left of the recording. When this happens, I am unable to stop and restart, FF or RW the recording. The only way to get it to play to the end is to turn the joey off and back on, start a different DVR show (must be a totally different title), then restart the original show from the start and FF to the point where it paused. At this point, I can watch to the end. Then the problem starts again after the next recording. I do not know if this happens while whatching directly from the Hopper as I generally do not watch TV from that device.


Was there a software update recently or is this a known issue?

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Re: DVR playback pauses

DISH Employee

That must be so frustrating, Bluemoon04! You can check the current version of the software on the System Info screen (press Sys Info on the front of the box). For Joey 3's, the current is U5.53 or U5.52 (released 5/18), 4k Joeys it's U4.90 or U4.98 (released 4/18), wireless Joeys, Joey 2's, and Joey 1's the current versions are U2.88 and U2.87 (released 4/18), and with the Super Joey it's U3.84 and U3.83 (also released 4/18). 


When it pauses like this are you still able to get to the Guide or System Info at all, even by pressing the buttons on the front of the box?