DVR missing new shows on the scheduler.

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DVR missing new shows on the scheduler.

My scheduler is not recording some new shows I set up. I knew there were new episodes of a couple shows this week, they don't shows as scheduled to record. I went to guide, and in the show info it said NEW. So I manually set them up. Whats the problem here?
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Re: DVR missing new shows on the scheduler.

DISH Employee

Hey Gdjordahl! Let's take a look and see what's causing this to happen.  Is this the first time your timers did not show up in your DVR schedule? We want to first confirm no hard drive errors have occurred. 


To check for hard drive errors please press the MENU button twice or the HOME button 3 times at the Hopper remote. This should bring you into the Diagnostics Screen. Arrow down and select "Status" then arrow across and select "Check Status". Finally select "Yes" to begin the test.


Let me know what display's in box "D" after the test.