DPP vs DPH Eastern Arc

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DPP vs DPH Eastern Arc

First post, give me a break: I'm thinking of changing out my 222k for a Hopper3 and I understand that the Hopper requires a DPH hybrid LNB. Fair enough, but I'm currently using the eastern arc with 77, 72.7, 61.5 with a 1000.4 for my subscription. But the DPH hybrid LNB I'd have to use only comes in a twin, i.e., for 72.7 and 61.5. Since there would be no satellite 77, what channels would I be losing?

My understanding is that a lot of what's on 77 is duplicated on 61.5 and 72.7, which would be fine. But if my locals are on 77 and are unavailable anywhere else, that would be a deal breaker. And I can't find what satellite my locals are on. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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Re: DPP vs DPH Eastern Arc

Audio Engineer
What is your ZIP code? And your existing 1000.4 dish and EA LNB can be used with a Hopper 3 by adding a DPH42 switch.