Constant issues with my receiver showing a black screen

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Constant issues with my receiver showing a black screen


It seems as if whenever I need technical support, it takes days to resolve my problem. My dish keeps freezing up and tv screen turns black. I continually unplug, reset etc. I spent a couple hours on the phone with dish last night with no good results. This happened a few months ago, eventually they sent a new receiver after many calls to them.  In the meantime I am unable to view shows. I was a long time direct tv person and never experienced this. I have a busy work schedule and don't have time to spend my evening's on the phone with dish and getting no positive results,

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Re: am so frustrated with Dish.

Visual Engineer

You might be having problems with the LNB on the dish. Usually when you get a pic freeze, it indicates that video will be lost and you will get the 'signal lost' screen, like during heavy rain. The receiver maintains a 13 to 19 volts [24/7] to the LNB. If it is not receiving the voltage or the LNB is going or is bad, you get nothing on the TV screen.

I use an antenna for locals. I receive a medium to strong signal from all channels. But who knows for some reason, once in awhile, the signal strength meter drops to zero on a channel and the TV shows a black screen with a 'weak or no dignal' pop up.


Re: am so frustrated with Dish.

DISH Employee

CB, I hate to hear that you have had this experience. You mentioned that we sent you a new receiver. Are you still experiencing the issue with your TV freezing? If this issue has not been resolved, we can take a further look into this for you.