Complaint about the New Look

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Complaint about the New Look

Ever since you debuted your "New Look", if you partially watch a recorded show and want to delete it you have to resume the show and fast forward through it to delete it. While maybe not a big deal it is highly irritating and unnecessary, as you didn't need to do this before. How about a fix for this? While your at it make it easy to email DISH support instead of only chat or a phone call. Going back to DirecTV is starting to look better all the time. :cry:
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Re: Complaint about the New Look

DISH Employee
What model of DVR do you have? Does it say Hopper, Hopper with Sling or Hopper 3 on the front of the receiver?

If chatting in or calling is not convenient for you, you can also Private Message us on Facebook or Direct Message us on Twitter so we can assist you through Social Media. A lot of changes to your account can be made through or through the MyDish App on a smartphone or tablet.