Command codes for the Hopper 3 54.0 remote

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Command codes for the Hopper 3 54.0 remote


Hi everyone,


I am trying to program a Logitech 650 universal remote to work with my Hopper 3. Almost everything works fine, but Logitech doesn't know about 3 of the buttons on the 54.0 remote: Home, Microphone, and Options. I talked to Logitech about this, and they said that I should ask Dish for the IR codes, either in hexadecimal or pronto formats. If I have those, then they will add them to their database. 


I tried Dish technical support, but they weren't of any help. Does anybody have any suggestions for where I could go from here?



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Re: Command codes for the Hopper 3 54.0 remote

Screen Writer

That is going to be information that they will not be able to release. As far as the voice remote feature, does the Logitech offer the voice feature? The home button, is menu. And options would likely need to be added using the "Learning" feature. Ultimately, Dish can only guarantee that Dish equipment will work, but you can try the learning features into the remote,  and see if that helps. As far as the IR code for the Hopper, your Logitech would need IR Remote address 1. 

Re: Command codes for the Hopper 3 54.0 remote

Chadt4141 what is "address 1"?
I also want to add the Options command to a Logitech remote. I think there is a way to set the 54.0 remote to shoot all console comands through IR, which is needed for Logitech's learning.
Unless Dish gives the code to Logitech.