Collapsible RSN on Guide - Broken

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Collapsible RSN on Guide - Broken

From day 1 I received my Hopper 3....I setup a favorite list that has 4 Regional Sports Network Channels. The Guide shows these as collapsible with a "+" sign next to it - yet indicates I have 0 Channels. The main problem though is when I select the grouping to expand it - it expands - but then I can't select anything and I even lose the red highlighted box and can't select anything. I have to close the guide and then go back into the guide to be able to select a channel.

Dish recognized the issue in an email in September and said it would be fixed in a software upgrade of which they did and all the channels they have reverted back and it's the same issue again and a real pain! I called Dish Tech support and that was a pretty worthless call and someone would maybe get back to me or they would just fix it.....hmmmm!

Anyone else having this problem?
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Re: Collapsible RSN on Guide - Broken

DISH Employee
Do you know what package you currently have? This is an issue we're working on and we have this marked as a Scheduled Fix.