Close Caption on Mute?

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Close Caption on Mute?

Camera Crew
Is this feature available on the H3?

I remember being able to do that in the past .. but my memory could be fading. I have been w Dish for decades ..(pre DVR's!!).

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Re: Close Caption on Mute?

Visual Engineer
Since the mute button is communicating with the sound source (eg. TV or amplifier), and not the Dish box, I doubt that would be possible.

I you have (or get) a 40.0 remote, the green button on the remote functions as a closed caption toggle. Very handy.

Hopper 3 and four Joey-2s

Re: Close Caption on Mute?

Audio Engineer
Are you talking about making it automatically turn on the captions when you hit the mute button?

If so, then no. The remotes cannot learn macros.

You will need a new remote that will do macros.

Harmony remotes are great.