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Checking Hard Drive

Turned on my receiver at 6:00 am and got the message Acquiring Signal (535) followed by Checking Hard Drive (770) waited 30 minutes and still stuck bouncing between these messages. Unplugged the receiver for 5 minutes. Plugged back in and got the same issue. Left it on for the day and when I returned at 9:00 pm it was still stuck. Held down the power button until it turned on and still got the same two messages.

Called Dish's so-called technical support. Told them what I had done and they didn't even try to give me any kind of assistance. Just wanted my address so they could send a technician out with a new box. Tried the chat online option and spent 15 minutes waiting for any kind of acknowledgement. That's what they consider customer service. That sucks in my book.

So as I see it, my receiver mysteriously went bad overnight, since it was fine at 10:00 last night, and there's nothing I can do about it? All of my recordings are now gone and I have to replace a box that's barely 5 years old? And it requires a technician to remove one box and plug in a new one? Am I supposed to take time off from work and sit around waiting for a technician to show up just so s/he can pick up the old box and put down a new one? And how much is all of that going to cost me? What kind of an idiot does Dish take me for?

I think it's time to see what Direct TV can offer me. I've been the only holdout in the neighborhood for years but at least they get technical support when they need it.
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Re: Checking Hard Drive

Casting Director
A replacement receiver can be shipped. No tech required.