Channels work...then they don't.....then they do

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Channels work...then they don't.....then they do

It hard to pin this down to one issue because there so many I've lost count of them. I experience the following issues on a daily basis:

Complete Signal Loss

Inability to access locals as it says I am not in the area (I am because the same channel will have worked a half hour ago and when I go back to it I'm suddenly "not in the area"

Rebooting finds either "No satellites, only some satellites", does nothing at all, will not download guide unless rebooted at least 5 times (once I had to do 15 times!)

Error 004 happens at least 50 times a day. Sometimes going to another channel and moving to my channel using the up and down buttons works but only about 50% of the time.

Just to cover the inevitable questions:

The dish is on a flat, stable, level surface and has a wide open view of the southern sky. All wiring is brand new and connections are tight.

This seems like a software issue but at this rate I'm ready to kill the service and go to DirecTV

Any ideas would be appreciated
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Re: Channels work...then they don't.....then they do

This is likely a signal issue that we would want to send a tech out for. I am off for the next week but you can PM another moderator or call 1-800-333-3474 for assistance with this.
Matt "Speedy" Gonzales | Moderator