Cancelling an "On Demand" download

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Cancelling an "On Demand" download

I just accidentally started an On Demand download. I was browsing through the recorded versions of a show and didn't notice that the one I selected was actually not recorded, but was "On demand". How do you cancel this?

Probably not a big deal for those who live in a city with 100 mb download speeds, but for me this is downloaded at 3 mb. It will take up 2 hours of full bandwitdh to download a show I don't even want to watch!!!!

Meanwhile, everything else I want to use my internet for has slowed to a crawl!!

No sure what dish was thinking...this has happened to others in my family multiple times.

Please let me know if there is a solution to this!!!!!Q
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Re: Cancelling an "On Demand" download

Costume Designer
excellent question if you live in the sticks. Maybe, a future software update will give you "cancel' option. I wonder if unplugging the hopper from electric outlet for few minutes might cancel the download. Yes, it is not ideal. But, if it works....

Re: Cancelling an "On Demand" download

DISH Employee
Resetting the receiver by unplugging it from the power for 10 seconds and plugging it back in is currently the only known way to stop a download. We do appreciate your feedback though and this is a great idea! I would recommend dropping a line on our Spokeslistener page:

Re: Cancelling an "On Demand" download


Thats ridiculous, having to reboot the hopper or resetting the network to cancel a download.  That tells me that if I have an Internet interruption I will also have to re-download the entire movie.


Many of us STILL have slow internet and need DISH to recognize that.  The hopper should have the following features.

1. Cancel download

2. Pause download

3. Recover failed download (pickup where failed)

4. Ability to set Maximum bandwidth to use.


DirectTV has !any of the above features.  Making me wonder if I made a mistake switching last month.  My 10yr old DVR from DirectTV let me cancel a download!


Re: Cancelling an "On Demand" download

Even if you think unplugging for “10 seconds” is reasonable, you need to add the time for the hopper to restart and if you wireless connection you have to reconnect that. Don’t let the “10 seconds” fool you.