BUG: No sleep since last update

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BUG: No sleep since last update

Major Havoc

When I turn on the TV (which is connected to the Dish tuner) after it being unused overnight, I used to just see the standby screen. But since the last update, I see a dialog asking if I am still there.

2 questions:

1). What happened to the overnight reboot that used to take place every early morning? Is this not happening any more? That does not appear to be happening (and how can I check?)

2). The reason I ask question 1, instead of the usual standby screen the next day, I get a dialog asking me if I am still there and that the box will go into standby in 20 seconds. Except, it doesn't go into standby, EVER. I left that screen up an entire day, and it was still there after 10 hours.

I suspect this is not normal. Perhaps this dialog is keeping the box from rebooting? And if I had left my TV on, that would be burned into it by now, so that is also not good. I would call this a bug. Hopefully, for the stability of the set top, this can be fixed soon.

Comments DISH? Hopefully this can be fixed.

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