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Autoplay order


When i choose autoplay on my dvr, i can select autoplay just fine and it works but my issue is that autoplay will play recordings from top to bottom on the dvr list but i have shows i would like to watch in chronological order (episode 1 followed by episode 2, etc.) rather than reverse or splattered mess order (episode 20 followed by episode 19, etc. or episode 45 followed by episode 2). Is there any way i can have autoplay go from bottom to top or customize the order of my recordings to make the season and episode order read from top to bottom?

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Re: Autoplay order

DISH Employee

I can completely understand why you would want this feature when binge watching your shows. While we don't currently have a way to change the order, this is a wonderful suggestion that I will submit for consideration! We are always looking for ways that we can improve your DISH experience and these types of suggestions are exactly what we are looking for.