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Auto Play Issue

Character Actor

I am still having problems with the autoplay function. As I stated in my previous post, I would choose multiple recordings to watch and then after the 3rd recording the playback will freeze at the end. Then you would see your options for delete,dvr,live tv when it should be playing the next recording. After a few minutes it automatically goes to live tv. The last tech person I talked to suggested I make sure to turn off the dvr nightly. She said that periodically there are software upgrades. I then tried the same thing a couple of days later, same issue. I even tried selecting recordings of different shows. Still doesn't work. I can select hd recordings sd recordings or a combination of both, still doesn't matter. Today when checking the community board I noticed more people with the same issue. It used to be I could select as many as 20 recordings to autoplay in succession and they would all play. Now, If I select just 4 for example it will play the first 2 but not go to the next one. Help!!!

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Re: Auto Play Issue

DISH Employee

Thank you for reaching out to us with your concerns. This is a known issue, it is presently  being reviewed by our engineering team. i would like to add your name to the list of customers being affected, so that when there is a fix developed it can be sent to your receiver in the form of a software update. Can you please provide me with your phone number and security pin in a private message so that I may access your account?