Audio Description for the Olympics

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Audio Description for the Olympics

Dish has been providing Audio Description in programming on CBS, PBS and the History Channel for over a year but they can't seem to figure out how to provide it for the Olympics on NBC???  We got our Local NBC Station to fix the problem in under 4 hours and Dish after many discussions over the last 3 days have not figured it out yet.  Audio Description adds additional description of what is happening on screen for the Blind and Visually Imparied during moments when the actors or announcers are not speaking.  PBS has had it on Nature for years, History Channel also, CBS has for at least a year on NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans.  Comcast and Toyota and other sponsors of this service are not getting all the bang for their buck that they could because at least in my Las Vegas market Dish can't pass it thru.  I can get it off the air from my Local Station why can't Dish who provides my Local Station?

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Re: Audio Description for the Olympics


I did do some digging and was able to find this article.  My understanding is only select events in the prime time hours will have it.  I do know that a report was submitted for you before about this and would recommend working with us on Twitter/Facebook.

Matt "Speedy" Gonzales | Moderator