Another day, another problem

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Another day, another problem

Major Havoc
Visual Engineer
Attached to this message is an image of my screen right now. This is what I see when I turn on my STB now. Yes, I have rebooted, and that fixes it sometimes... BUT, I really do not want to have to restart my STB every day to watch TV. Resets takes WAAAAAAAAAYYYYY longer than it should, and that is not a legitimate solution to solving a problem.

So right now: 0 out of 16 tuners in use. 1 of 1 OTA tuners in use.
Press select for live TV

Pressing select does nothing but cause the screen to blink and come back to this screen. I can watch DVR programs just fine, but I cannot tune to any other channels, nor can I enter a channel number. Channel UP and Down are not active, nor is the LIve TV button, which does nothing at this screen.

Note that if I wait long enough and keep pressing the power on/off button, it will eventually decide it needs to switch to LIVE TV. Usually after 10 to 15 minutes.

Suggestions DISH?

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Re: Another day, another problem

DISH Employee
From this screen, can you open the Menu and manually go to the Guide from the Main Menu?

Can I also have you press the Menu button twice, or the Home button 3 times if you don't have a Menu button, and tell me the software version listed on the screen?