Another Hopper Bug

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Another Hopper Bug

Camera Crew
Reciever: Hopper2 with Sling, SW Version U224 installed 12/30/2016, 1:34am

Unit is set up to record O'Rielly, only new, keep 1.

When I watch recording and delete it, it is recorded again later in the evening. This is different behaviour from my old Hopper.

I cant believe how many software errors are in this new Hopper, read all the posts here. I used to think Dish had it all together, but after upgrading to this new box I could not recommend the Dish service to anyone. There is no evidence that fixes are being made.
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Re: Another Hopper Bug

DISH Employee
Is this the only recording you have set up this way? If not do you have the same issues with the other recordings?