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Amazon Echo Dish Commands Help

I love the integration and it works well...mostly. Has anyone figured out how to get it to tune to sub channels. By sub channels, I mean channels that have a number dash number format (412-17).

Specifically, I am trying to get it to tune to Fox Sports Ohio. I've tried everything! The closest I got was "Alexa, tune to Fox Sports Ohio", and she tells me "tuning to Fox Sports Ohio, now showing (program that's on Fox Sports Ohio), [b:2voql7nq]I couldn't find that on Dish[/b:2voql7nq]."

Ugh! So close! Why Alexa? Why can't you find it on Dish? I subscribe to it! I can tune to it! I watch it all the time!

Any help is appreciated.
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Re: Amazon Echo Dish Commands Help

Associate Producer

right now they're pretty limited & not everything always works, should get better in the future