Alexa not working (new Hopper 3 install)

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Alexa not working (new Hopper 3 install)


OK, the continuing struggles with my new Hopper 3 install and Alexa.




For the most part, my problems have been fixed.

This diatribe is to let you newbee installs that there is hope and not to give up.

My new install took place 3 days ago and I made 9 calls and spent about 8 hours with tech support.

Hopefully, you will be able to read this before you bash your head up against the wall...



I had a Hopper 3 (DOt in that room), Joey (FireCube in that room) and Joey-4k (Dot in that room) at 3 PM.

All went well.  TV working fine,  Alexas have been in house for 6 months.  Use them for controlling lights.


At 8PM, decide to link Hopper 3 to Dot in family room.

Get Hopper 3 connected with Alexa App and the Dot linked to Hopper 3.

Strange, it doesn't say Hopper 3 it says Dish-22.  OK, guess that is the default anme given.

I tell Alexa to tune to CNN.  She replies "Sorry but Dish isn't responding"

OK, call to tech support.

Tried reseting Hopper 3, powering down Hopper 3, sending reset commands, power cycling Dot, much more.

Nothing seemed to work.  Call to Amazon.

OK, they say deactivate Dot and reauthorize it and link again to DIsh.  Much more things.  No l;uck.

Finally next day, I asked Alexa to tune to CNN.  She did so.  OK, cooking with gas now.

Decided to enjoy TV in the morning and later tried connecting FireCube to Joey.

Again, no video and no instructions on what to do and what it looks like.  So, calls made to Dish.

Fortunately, someone decided check the software versions of all my units and found Joeys not updated.

Updated and then figured out how to link Joey to FireCube (the joeys didn't show up in Alexa until after the Joeys were updated).

Finally, tried to connect Dot to last TV.  Again no go.  Alexa wasn't talking to the Joey.  Got idea to try the working Dot, in Family room, to that TV.  It worked.  Tried another Dot to the TV, no go.  Tried that Dot to the 1st Tv and it didn't work.


OK, so we now have Dot that connects OK to TV's and two DOt's that don't connect to working TV.

Suspect Dot's have problem.  So another call Back to Amazon where they find the two Dot's don't have current software.


1) Call Amazon and have them verify all your equipment has current software.

2) Wait 24 hours after install.  Call Dish and verify all your equipment has current software.

3) Make sure your Amazon Alexa App is up to date

4) Power cycle all devices

5) When all above is done, enable Dish skill in Alexa

6) Register Dish with Alexa (Go to Menu, Dish settings, Alexa Alexa icon.  Enter code into Alexa app.)

    Note:  Above video only shows Hopper3.  It does not show linking Joeys using manage devices.

7) Verify Hopper 3 and all Joeys show up in the Alexa app

       Look in Music/Video/Books - TV&Video - Dish - Manage Devices.

8) Link Echo devices to the appropriate Dish devices you want to control.

9) Test:  "Alexa, tune to CNN"


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Re: Alexa not working (new Hopper 3 install)

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