Alexa FF & RW Only Skips Default Amounts

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Alexa FF & RW Only Skips Default Amounts

When I originally installed the Dish skill on my Echo in early August, I could get Alexa to fast forward and rewind up to the three minutes as described in the skill docs, simply using commands like "Alexa, skip back 1 minute" or "Alexa, skip forward 90 seconds". But something changed and no matter what I say, Alexa will only skip forward the default 30 seconds or rewind the default 10 seconds. I don't know what's changed. I've even tried disabling and re-enabling the skill but the problem remains. And I have rebooted my Hopper 3 several times. Problem still remains.

Anyone else experience this? Anyone know a fix? I really miss not being able to skip forward 2 minutes at a time as that's the typical commercial break in many sports programs.

Would also like to see the max times increased to five minutes as many shows have commercial breaks up to that long.