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Adding utube to joeys

Please add the functionality to access utube on joeys . If your Joey is meant to mirror your hopper in another room , which it is, leaving out tube access on Joeys makes no sense.
I could understand if you didn’t allow us to add apps on our joeys because you do that now , however channel 371 on our hoppers is utube . So now you are telling us that we cannot access the same channels from room to room . Tell me then what are we paying for with our Joeys? We can’t load the apps we use on our hopper and we can’t access the same channels as on our hopper .
Previous discussions allege joeys once had utube access and then dish removed it . So please don’t tell us it’s an improvement and you’ll raise it to management and value our input because it’s a pile of manure .
Give us the service back as dictated in the contracts we all signed and that you are bonded to , or return every person owning a Joey their monthly charges from the time you removed utube service , or look forward to the largest class action lawsuit to hit dish .
If you thought you had to pay FOX to keep them in your programming lineup , that will be a fraction of what you’ll be paying out when the courts rule breach of contract on your part . I’ve given you 3 options , and graciously given them to you most cost effective to least cost effective to save your legal team the research and costs . I look forward to your timely reply lest I move to step 2 and begin to take action on all social media sites , national news media , Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau.
It is documented and I have already pulled all the discussions on this topic from your site to substantiate my claim . It appears you have had these requests for a long time and have done nothing .
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Re: Adding utube to joeys

Supporting Role
I was looking for anything right you said in this post, and the only thing I could find was that Youtube is not on the Joeys.

Let’s correct a few things:

You’re not contracted for any specific channel, period.

Although YouTube is easily tuned on channel 371, it is not a channel. It is an app.

You are not guaranteed app usage.

The Joeys have never had Youtube on them.

You waived your right to sue.

You also agreed you understand you have no promise of any app at any point.

There is a lot more, but I will let those points sink in with you first.

Re: Adding utube to joeys

Audio Engineer

While there are definitely things i am displeased with dish about, your post is silly


1) you can not sue dish for breach over FOX
You signed an agreement you should read, it covers loss of channel due to things outside dish control
And DISH did not remove FOX, FOX removed FOX, they wanted to try to get more money, which means all of us would have had to then give more money


2) The Joey CAN NOT have youtube.
It is not physically capable, it has no means to comply with GOOGLE's security requirements, only the Hopper does.
I can understand that is disappointing, but you should speak to google about it.
I can tell you though, they wont back down on their security.
The Joey is primarily to extend the TV broadcasts easily to other rooms with out needing a full blown set top box.
Some apps it can do, some it simply can not.
If you really need youtube on your TV and can not use your pc, you can trade your Joey in for a 2nd Hopper.
And nothing in the Dish contract promises any given availability of apps
So you can not sue Dish over that either, nor can you sue Google.