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My 54 remote will not recognize my samsung any longer. Everything was working fine since installation. I was trying to teach it to change inputs on my TV so it would go to hdmi 2 and 3.  I failed. Now I have to press TV on remote for volume and mute. Before everything was on one setting, SAT. I deprogrammed it after numerous attempts at getting it to recognize my TV. It works fine with the DVR when remote is set to SAT, But I still cannot get it to do volume or mute. Each time I try to program the TV into it DISH says failed and try again later. Please help. I did notice there was a 4 digit code in the settings for my TV, but now it tells me that code is invalid. How do I get everything working back the way it was in SAT mode?

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Re: 54 remote

DISH Employee

Hi there wildbilly. Are you still having some issues getting your volume and mute buttons working?