54.0 Voice Remote not working with Netflix

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54.0 Voice Remote not working with Netflix

I just got my 54.0 voice remote and I just tried watching Netflix with it and I couldn't get it to pause with the pause button.
So I tried the Select button and it worked.
10 minutes later I tried to pause it again, and it didn't work!
It works fine with my tv, no problem. My Internet connection is just fine.
Dish repeatedly telling customers "our engineers are working on it" is a copout.
I've tried pressing other buttons to see if it did anything but I couldn't even exit Netflix without turning my tv off and leaving it off for at least a half hour bc the movie would still be playing like I had been watching it the entire time ( with the tv off mind you).
I set my remote up by the instructions from Dish.
I'm getting so fed up with Dish! The last time I tried to talk with a customer service rep was nightmarish. I'm thinking about canceling.
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Re: 54.0 Voice Remote not working with Netflix

DISH Employee

Hello PurpleRaindrops. Currently, our remote's DVR buttons, such as the play/pause, rewind, and fast forward, do not work with the Netflix app. In place of this, you would use the Select button, and the arrow keys. I do want to make sure we're on the same page of what's going on. Are you not able to use these functions with the Select button and arrow keys after the first time you use it?