54.0 Remote Power Issue

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54.0 Remote Power Issue


We are new to Dish Network after switching from that other satellite company. Our remote works perfectly when powering on our equipment. When we turn off the equipment it turns off the TV and puts the Dish receiver in countdown mode. However, when I push the Aux button and the the power button the audio receiver goes off for only about 15 seconds and then comes back on. The green light on the Dish receiver never goes out, and occasionally sound will come through the receiver briefly. The audio receiver is a Sony STRDN 1080. The  model numbers in the settings for programming the remote stop at 1070. 


I CANNOT for the life of me figure this thing out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: My remote is driving me crazy!

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When you press power, there is a 5 minute countdown to place the receiver in standby. If you wait 5 minutes, the light will go out.